Podcast 101: Understanding Social Security


For many Americans, Social Security serves as the foundation of their retirement income plan, and it needs to be managed just like any other asset.

There are good decisions you could make about Social Security and bad ones, and sometimes the difference between the two can cost you a significant amount in lifetime benefits.

Every dollar that you can increase your monthly Social Security benefit (check)  by means one less dollar that you have to pull for in retirement from other retirement savings.

Join me as I will answer some very important questions regarding Social Security benefits, such as;

1.  When does it make the most sense for you and/or your spouse to start receiving Social Security?

2.  What is the impact on your Social Security benefits if you work during your retirement?

3.  How much of your Social Security will be taxed each year?

4.  What strategies can you use to fill the income gap between what you receive from Social Security and the desired amount of income you would like to receive in your retirement years?